Janella Salvador Opens up About Breakup with Markus Paterson

Janella Salvador on breakup with Markus Paterson: “He wasn’t fully prepared”

JANELLA SALVADOR – The actress opened up about her breakup with her former partner, Markus Paterson.

In a YouTube vlog by broadcaster Karen Davila, the Kapamilya star shared the challenges she faced when they decided to separate, publicly announcing their breakup in 2022 after spending several years together.

During the interview, Janella admitted that she didn’t immediately accept the decision to separate and tried to salvage their relationship. Despite their breakup, she emphasized that she wasn’t trying to tarnish Markus’s image and mentioned that he had already spoken about it.

Janella, who is 25 years old, revealed that one factor contributing to the relationship’s demise was their age at the time of the breakup. Both being 22 years old then, she acknowledged that they were at an age when they should have been enjoying life like their peers. However, the arrival of their son, Jude, took a toll on their relationship, especially as Markus wasn’t fully prepared for parenthood.

While Janella always wanted to be a mom and committed to giving her best to raise their child, she felt the strain on her well-being. She expressed that, at times, she felt aged and unrecognizable when looking in the mirror due to the effort she invested in salvaging the relationship and caring for their child.

“Umabot rin sa point na naramdaman ko na parang na losyang na ako kasi I was trying to save the relationship. I was trying to take care of a kid on top of all of that. Ang panget lang ng term pero yun talaga na feel ko. Kapag tumitingin ako sa mirror, di ko na nakikilala yung sarili ko,” she said.

Despite their separation, Janella and Markus agreed to co-parent Jude. Janella commended Markus for his efforts to be present in Jude’s life whenever possible, highlighting the importance of parental presence in a child’s growth.

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