Markus Paterson Makes Revelations on Co-Parenting Setup w/ Janella Salvador

Are Markus Paterson and Janella Salvador in Good Terms?

MARKUS PATERSON – The actor made revelations about his co-parenting setup with former girlfriend Janella Salvador for their son Jude.

Many people were saddened in September 2022 when Markus Paterson confirmed his breakup with Janella Salvador. The celebrity former couple were together for a few years and their relationship was blessed with a son they named Jude Trevor.

Janella gave birth to Jude in the United Kingdom. She, Markus, and her mother, actress-singer Jenine Desiderio, flew to U.K. a few months before her maternity due and they have met the family of the actor.

In February 2021, Janella Salvador and Markus Paterson return home with baby Jude. Their fans and supporters were very happy for the little family.

However, in September 2022, the rumors and speculations that Janella and Markus have gone separate ways were put to end. The actor confirmed that he and the actress are no longer together.

Meanwhile, although their relationship as a couple ended, their relationship as parents of Jude continues. In a recent interview with Pep and other reports, Markus Paterson made revelations about his co-parenting setup with Janella Salvador.

According to Markus, his co-parenting setup with Janella is a lot easier than he thought it would be. He is also vocal that he and the actress are okay and she is easy to talk to. The actor stressed that they have put aside their personal things and Jude comes first in their priorities.

Markus Paterson stressed that he and Janella Salvador are both doing well and happy and he credits her for being an amazing mother to their son. According to him, he is now focusing on himself, his career, and their son. During the interview, he revealed that last February 14, he spent his Valentines with Jude.

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