Netizen Claims Francis M and Pia Magalona Were Already Separated When His Affair with Abegail Rait Happened

Were Francis M and Pia Magalona already separated when his affair with Abegail Rait happened?

FRANCIS M and PIA MAGALONA – A netizen has claimed that the late Master Rapper and his wife were already separated when his affair with Abegail Rait took place.

Rait, a former flight attendant, has been making waves online after revealing during an appearance on the Pinoy Pawnstars show hosted by Boss Toyo, her romantic involvement with the late rapper. According to her, their love affair transpired before his passing. It’s worth recalling that in 2009, Magalona passed away due to multiple organ failure, which was secondary to septic shock from pneumonia, among other contributing factors, with chronic myelogenous leukemia blast crisis as the underlying cause.

Following the revelation of his affair with Rait, which reportedly led to the birth of their alleged daughter, Gaile Francesca, some have suggested that his relationship with Rait may have overlapped with his marriage to Pia Magalona. Note that the couple had four children: Maxene Magalona, Saab Magalona, Frank Magalona, and Elmo Magalona.

There have also been claims that Pia and Francis were already separated when the affair between the rapper and the former flight attendant took place. In fact, on X (formerly known as Twitter), a netizen named Megs noted, “Alam ng family ni Francis M. They were separated na when it happened. Pia had a rumored bf na that time. Manager lng ni Francis M si Pia kaya may prinoprotek kuno na image at marami ads kaya ingat sila. magsitigil kayo nasa music video pa ni gloc9 yung babae.”

According to the netizen, Francis M’s family knew he and Pia had already separated when his affair with Abegail happened. The netizen further claimed that Pia had a rumored boyfriend at the time, suggesting that Pia and Francis were merely trying to protect their public image. The netizen’s post also mentioned that Abegail even appeared in a music video by Gloc9.

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