Dimples Romana Answers Where Angel Locsin is

Where is Angel Locsin?

DIMPLES ROMANA – The actress gave an update about her close friend Angel Locsin, who has been missing in action or MIA.

The public hasn’t seen Angel for over a year. Her last public appearance was on August 13, 2022, through an Instagram post, which she later deleted. Her husband, Neil Arce, is more active on social media, but he doesn’t feature Angel in his posts either.

During an interview with vlogger Kiko Escuadro on October 14, 2023, Dimples openly talked about Angel. She said, “Hindi ako nagsasawang sagutin about her. I’m always fond of people checking up on her. I feel it is not just coming from concern, but also pagka-miss niyo sa kanya.” Dimples added, “I try to see her every now and then. Ako, I’m very happy that she’s taking this time off.” She then listed Angel’s philanthropic deeds, highlighting her efforts in helping during calamities.

Angel Locsin and Neil Arce
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Dimples always reminds Angel to take it slow due to her numerous commitments and charitable work. Dimples shared, “Siya yung nauuna doon [sa pagtulong], and ako ang lagi kong dasal sa kanya dati, sabi ko sa kanya, ‘Gel, please, maghinay-hinay ka kasi yung katawan mo. Tayo, hindi tayo bumabata, baka mamaya magkasakit ka.’ She added: “So ngayon, inaalagaan niya ang sarili niya. Nandiyan si Neil, ine-enjoy niya ang married life niya. Tahimik ang buhay niya. Ang saya-saya ko para sa kanya.”

Dimples Romana acknowledges that Angel Locsin’s decision to slow down and prioritize her well-being is a significant and admirable choice. She emphasizes that Angel’s selflessness and dedication have always stood out, making her a source of inspiration.

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Dimples highlight that Angel’s help to those in need continues, even if it’s not prominently visible. Angel’s humility and preference for not seeking recognition for her charitable acts align with their decades-long friendship, which Dimples deeply values. Despite the public’s perception of Angel being “MIA” (missing in action), Dimples affirms that she remains actively engaged in making a difference in the lives of others.

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