Husband Flexes Beloved Wife’s Unique Birthday Photoshoot

Loving Husband Earns Praise Online for Sharing Beloved Wife’s Unique Birthday Photoshoot

A loving husband flexes his beloved wife’s unique birthday photoshoot, exclaiming, “Shoutout sa misis kong sobrang sipag mag linis!”

Jerick Alcancia, a Facebook user, shared the photos of his wife’s unconventional theme in an extraordinary birthday photoshoot. The post went viral and elicited various reactions from the online community.

Alcancia decided to celebrate Manilyn’s birthday in style by combining two seemingly unrelated concepts: house cleaning and fashion. Jerick, who is an avid hobbyist photographer, shared that they have made it a tradition to have a photoshoot for Manilyn’s birthday, and this year was no exception.


“Lagi namin ginagawa every birthday niya is photoshoot. Ako hobbyist din kasi ako mag photography kaya ayun. Since mag jowa palang kami ginagawa na namin bonding time yang photoshoot,” Jerick said.

Their choice of theme for the photoshoot was inspired by Manilyn’s love for cleanliness and tidiness.

“Mahilig kasi talaga maglinis yung asawa ko. Kahit anong pigil ko dyan linis ng linis kahit malinis na para sakin. Kaya yan yun nalang yung concept tapos sinuot nya yung 2nd wedding gown nya nung wedding namin last May 22,” he added.


The loving husband expressed his happiness over the outcome of the photoshoot and the joy it brought to his wife. “Personally syempre happy ako kasi happy yung asawa ko haha. Yun naman yung main goal yung maging happy sya sa outcome ng photos kasi yun talaga yung interest niya,” he shared.


Here is the full post:

Shoutout sa misis kong sobrang sipag mag linis!

Ginawa mo nang hobby ang maglinis! Kahit pasado na sakin bagsak parin sayo hahaha kaya yan iphotoshoot na natin yan!

Thank you HomeBuddies for the home improvement inspirations!

Birthday pala ng misis ko tomorrow pa shoutout po”

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The internet users expressed their reactions to this unconventional birthday photoshoot:

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