Young Boy Fighting Sleep to Enjoy His Fried Chicken Goes Viral

Adorable Video of Young Boy Fighting Sleep to Enjoy His Fried Chicken Earns Reactions Online

A young boy who fights sleep to enjoy his favorite fried chicken at a fast-food chain in Quezon City goes viral online.

For many Filipinos, fried chicken isn’t just a meal; it’s a love affair that begins in childhood and persists throughout adulthood. It’s the go-to choice for birthdays, family gatherings, and simple occasions.

Recently, a Facebook user named Mark Bryan Rongie Carpina shared the video footage of his three-year-old nephew fighting sleep to enjoy his fried chicken. The video elicits reactions from the online community.

Young Boy

In the video, the toddler named Mason Zero Velarde shows his unwavering love for fried chicken even amid sleepiness. The little boy is trying his best to stay awake while consuming his food.

According to Carpina, Mason woke up early that day, filled with excitement about visiting the mall. Upon arrival, they let him play at Kidzoona while they did their grocery shopping. After an energetic session of play, it seemed Mason was exhausted but continued to eat his food.

“Maaga po kasi siya nagising dahil excited po mag [mall], pagdating po namin dun pinaglaro namin siya sa Kidzoona habang nag grocery po kami. Ayun napagod po ata kakalaro,” Carpina said.

Mark tried to take Mason’s chicken away, but he didn’t want to let go, and he even hugged it.

“Kinikuha na namin ‘yung manok sa kanya ngunit ayaw niya talaga bitawan niyayakap pa niya,” he added.

The kid’s love for fried chicken has warmed the hearts of many, showing that sometimes, the smallest moments of delight can become extraordinary sources of joy.

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The netizens expressed their reactions to this adorable kid:

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