Aljur Abrenica Hugs AJ Raval While Cooking

Aljur Abrenica and AJ Raval are currently gaining attention online due to a sweet video posted on the latter’s Instagram account.

Towards the end of the video, the actor was seen embracing his girlfriend while she was cooking.

AJ Raval Cooking While Being Hugged by Aljur Abrenica Elicits Comments: “Daig pa ang asawa”

Video of AJ Raval being hugged by Aljur Abrenica goes viral

AJ Raval and ALJUR ABRENICA – The couple faced significant backlash due to their recent actions on social media over the past weekend.

The rumors surrounding AJ, the daughter of action star Jeric Raval, and her alleged romantic involvement with Kylie Padilla’s estranged husband began in 2021. During that time, several viral photos showed them holding hands while shopping at a mall, fueling speculation.

After more than a year of speculation about their relationship, AJ officially confirmed on Valentine’s Day this year that she was in a relationship with the actor. In the caption of her post, where she tagged Aljur, she expressed her love and commitment to him: “I’ll always give you all the love I have in my heart and love you unconditionally.”

AJ Raval and Aljur Abrenica
Credit to the rightful owner of the photos

Currently, the couple is drawing attention online due to their recent social media antics during the past weekend. This stems from a short video clip posted by AJ on her Instagram while they were in the kitchen. In the video, AJ can be seen cooking rice and preparing a meal.

Towards the end of the clip, Aljur suddenly appears and hugs his girlfriend from behind. The video ends before showing AJ’s reaction to Aljur’s surprise. Netizens had mixed reactions, with some finding it delightful and heartwarming, while many others expressed annoyance and negative comments about the couple.

“Daig pa ang asawa ..sana all aj, kapalan nalang ng mukha!” one netizen commented. “Required ba talaga yung my kayakap pag nag luluto huhu?” wrote another netizen. “Bigla nalang nalosyang si Aj. sabagay nung si kylie din partner ni Aljur mukhang napabayaan din ni Aljur. di talaga deserve ni kylie si Aljur,” a social media user said.

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