Pambansang Kolokoy Leaves Comment on Madam Kilay’s Post About Godparents of her Son

Pambansang Kolokoy comments on Madam Kilay’s post about her son’s godparents

PAMBANSANG KOLOKOY – The social media personality left a comment on the post of Madam Kilay about the godparents of her son.

Earlier, the social media influencer expressed her disappointment after discovering that the people she had invited to be godparents for her child, Little Lakas, were absent.

On Facebook, the vlogger, whose real name is Jinky Anderson, shared her frustration over their failure to attend the christening, particularly because she had expected their presence. What exacerbated her disappointment was that most of the invitees were prominent figures in the realm of social media. These were individuals who, thanks to their online fame, held a significant presence and influence in the digital sphere.

She emphasized that there would have been no issue if these individuals had declined the invitation upfront, as she would have understood their reasons. However, what troubled her the most was the false assurances she received about their attendance a month prior to the event when they had given their word that they wouldn’t miss it.

Madam Kilay clarified that she had reached out to them for confirmation the day before the baptism, but they chose to ignore her. She felt they could have easily messaged her to express their unwillingness to attend. Jinky speculated that their reluctance to communicate may have stemmed from their high-profile status in the world of social media.

Meanwhile, Pambansang Kolokoy, whose real name is Joel Mondina, left a comment on the post of Madam Kilay about the godparents of her son. “Huy! Legit paalam ko sayo ha! Ito wala pang tulog lolo mo!(emoji),” he wrote. To which she replied: “hahahaha uu except sayo you know that! tamaan na sila nakakahiya namn diba hahhahah.”

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