Kylie Padilla Looks Back On Postpartum Depression Before Breakup with Aljur Abrenica

Kylie Padilla: “Kapag naaalala ko ‘yun, nalulungkot ako”

KYLIE PADILLA – The actress opened up anew about her bout with postpartum depression before her breakup with her estranged husband Aljur Abrenica.

The actress released a new “a conversation” podcast episode on her YouTube channel where she confessed her previous feeling of devastation with the thought of not being the “best wife” to the actor during their union and of not being the “best mom” to their children because of her postpartum depression.

At one point, Kylie opened up anew about her bout with postpartum depression after giving birth to her son Axl, which eventually resulted in the breakup of her marriage with the actor.

Kylie Padilla

According to her, the feeling only abated when she eventually realized that her past experiences turned out to be a “blessing”. She also said that the experience still continued to haunt her and she couldn’t help but feel said whenever she’s reminded of it.

Kapag naaalala ko ‘yun, nalulungkot ako kasi I was diagnosed with postpartum depression but also, I was told to just stay in bed and rest,” she said. “Nahirapan ako noon. Nahirapan akong i-process ‘yung nangyayari sa’kin because I had no control of my body.

Without mentioning name the name of her estranged husband, Kylie said that she initially thought she would “survive” their marital problems. But she lamented over the fact that she was not able to be the “best mom and wife” throughout their marriage.

Aside from this, she also looked back to the time where she “just shut down” after giving birth to Axl as she hinted that her “physical weakness” somehow became an “issue”. She added that she only managed to overcome her “devastation” when she separated from the actor, after which, she started to gain inner peace within herself.

After sharing her journey as a mother, the actress hoped that her supporters would discover the value of “letting go” of anger.

Kylie Padilla and Aljur Abrenica got married in 2018 and have two children together named Alas Joaquin and Axl Romeo. The two confirmed their breakup in 2021.

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