LA Tenorio Says His Cancer Is Finally In Remission

LA Tenorio: “My scan and last test results show no trace of cancer and that the treatment was effective.”

LA TENORIO – The Ginebra star guard recently took to social media to announce that his cancer is finally in remission.

The basketball player shared the good news in a statement posted on his social media accounts on Wednesday, September 20, 2023.

In the caption of his post, the basketball player expressed his gratitude to everyone for all the prayers and support. He also said that he appreciated each and everyone from the bottom of his heart.

LA Tenorio

Sharing a photo of himself along with a statement on his Instagram account, Tenorio said that the past 8 months were “really challenging” for him and his family.

2023 started off well winning the championship but closed that conference with a groin injury,” he said. “Who would have known that was God’s way of knocking on my door giving me a sign to rest [my mind and my body.] Soon after, I have been nursing a tumor in my colon.

For him, February 2023 marks one of the hardest periods of his life – from not knowing the extent of cancer he had to facing his wife and children everyday knowing he had a life-threatening disease.

The basketball player also said that one thing he kept constant was his faith in God. According to him, he drew strength from Him, entrusted everything to Him, and believed that everything has a purpose.

Tenorio added that his journey — from tests, surgery, official diagnosis, to 12 sessions of chemotherapy — was an experience he will never forget and it’s the kind that marks them and gives them a different perspective in life.

Just like many other cancer patients, the basketball player said that there were bad days but all he can be grateful of is that God gave him the power to continue his life as a father, provider, son, brother, and friend to everyone around him all throughout his journey.

Sept 19, 2023, as I step out of my doctor’s clinic with my wife, and as my nurse pulls out my chemo line plugged into my heart for 6 months, I am writing this message to everyone,” he said. “For those who were my prayer warriors, for those who showed me so much love and support… Know that I am forever grateful to all of you.

According to the basketball player, his scan and last test results show no trace of cancer and that the treatment was effective. The Ginebra star guard also said in a statement that he’s now in remission.

It can be recalled that LA Tenorio announced last March that he was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer.

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