LA Tenorio Diagnosed With Stage 3 Colon Cancer

LA Tenorio: “I BELIEVE i can touch a basketball once more and return stronger”

LA TENORIO – The basketball player recently released a statement where he revealed that he’s diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer.

Tenorio released a statement as he spoke about his PBA absence and also gave an update about his health. He went on to apologize to his teammates, coaches, the PBA, his fans, the media, and his friends for his absence.

I have been nursing a minor injury since the Finals last January,” Tenorio said that the reason for his sudden absence.

LA Tenorio
Photo source: PBA

According to him, he will undergo treatment “in the next few months” after completing his surgery last week.

The PBA player said in a statement posted on the website of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) that the initial testing 3 weeks ago led him to instantly miss practices and basketball games.

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He also said that he has given not only 17 years to the PBA, but has also dedicated his life to basketball, adding that he has committed his body and health for the love of basketball as it has been his passion and love.

Sadly, there are things beyond one’s control,” he said. “But with my FAITH, I am lifting everything to God now and I believe there is a higher purpose as I go through this part of my life.”

Tenorio went on to clarify that he’s not yet retiring from basketball as he believes he “can touch a basketball once more and return stronger” with the help of the best doctors in Singapore and the Philippines.

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