Big Cheese Meaning & Sentence Examples

Big Cheese Definition, Sentence Examples

BIG CHEESE MEANING – Find out what big cheese really means. Example sentences of this idiomatic expression can also be found here.

This expression was created during the era in which farming was the principal form of employment in England. Being the big cheese implied that something significant and appetizing would be prepared for supper if it was brought out. Its current meaning is shaped by this. Over time, more terms took the place of “cheese” due to various vocations.

Another hypothesis is that the idiom “big cheese” originated from the Urdu definition of cheese, where “a thing” is indicated by the word “chiz.”


Synonyms & Variants

  • big gun
  • big shot
  • big enchilada
  • big wheel
  • big fish

Big Cheese Meaning:

  • to be a significant and prosperous person
  • to be a powerful person
  • refers to a powerful individual

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Here are examples of sentences that use big cheese:

  1. My brother was the big cheese in the family and people had to follow his whims no matter how silly they sounded.
  2. Carla has been the big cheese even before the elections, now she only has a position to his name.
  3. That politician is among the big cheeses in the region and his word rules.

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