Robi Domingo’s Fiancée Diagnosed with a Rare Autoimmune Disease Called Dermatomyositis

Maiqui Pineda, the fiancée of Robi Domingo was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease

MAIQUI PINEDA – The fiancée of Robi Domingo took to social media wherein she shared that she was diagnosed with Dermatomyositis.

Recently, she went to the social media platform, Instagram, wherein she talked about her condition. According to Maiqui, she was looking forward to an exciting year filled with wedding planning, preparing for a new home, and advancing her career.

However, life had different plans for her as she got diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease called Dermatomyositis. This condition causes muscle weakness, inflammation, and a skin rash.

Robi Domingo and Maiqui Pineda
Photo: Robi Domingo / Instagram

Though Maiqui has already started treatment, her journey to recovery is still ongoing. She experiences both good and bad days, but she remains hopeful that this is just a temporary setback. Determined to get better, she takes it one day at a time.

Maiqui expresses her gratitude to all those who sent prayers and messages of love and support during this challenging time. Their kindness meant a lot to her.

To share her story and personal progress, Maiqui has created a blog for anyone who may need it in the future. The blog provides a comprehensive account of what happened and how she is navigating through her health journey. The link to her blog can be found in her bio.

Her post was flooded with messages of support from netizens and celebrities. Among those who commented was, of course, her fiancé, Robi Domingo. In the comment section, he wrote: “Really proud of your progress and your courage. You got this. Everyone is here for you and with you. Gotchu maiqs.”

Here’s the IG post of Maiqui Pineda:

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