Rendon Labador: “Si kuya ang simbolo ng mga palamunin”

Rendon Labador throws shade at ‘kuya’ again

RENDON LABADOR – The motivational speaker once again threw shade at the “kuya” of Pinoy Big Brother (PBB), labeling him as the symbol of being a “palamunin.”

Labador, a well-known fitness coach, social media sensation, and entrepreneur who is notably recognized as a “motivational speaker,” is currently gaining attention online after announcing his willingness to join the reality show.

It all began when the Facebook page Baylon Ngayon posted a satirical piece about him. According to the post, Rendon is ready to become a part of PBB. The post mentioned that he is fully prepared to emerge as the ultimate winner and take on the weekly tasks alone. It also stated that he would offer his fellow housemates and even “kuya” a taste of his motivational rice.

Subsequently, Rendon Labador commented on the post, saying, “Pag ako nakapasok sa bahay na yan, papalayasin ko pati si kuya kasi walang kuya kuya saakin. Ayaw kong tinuturuan ako ng mga gagawin ko! #stayMotivated.”

He threw shade a “kuya” once again, this time, he reacted to a news article about his openness to become a part of Pinoy Big Brother. He reiterated that he would “evict” big brother if he ever entered the house.

“Palalayasin ko si Kuya pag ako nakapasok sa bahay! Si kuya kasi ang simbolo ng mga palamunin, hindi lumalabas ng bahay at puro utos lang ang alam! Hindi magandang halimbawa para sa mga Pilipino,” he said.

While there might not be another season of PBB in the near future, some netizens are excited about the possibility of Rendon Labador, known for his outspokenness, becoming a part of it. The most recent edition of the reality show is Kumunity 10, which aired from October 16, 2021, until May 29, 2022, with Anji Salvacion as the big winner.

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