Rendon Labador Calls Out PayMaya: “Ang dami kong natatanggap na reklamo tungkol sa inyo!”

Rendon Labador calls out Maya, formerly known as PayMaya

RENDON LABADOR – The motivational speaker took to social media where he called out “Maya,” formerly known as PayMaya, a financial services, and digital payments company.

Maya, formerly PayMaya, is a prominent Philippine financial services and digital payments company headquartered in Metro Manila. Its evolution began as Smart Money in 2000, developed in partnership with 1st e-Bank and Mastercard.

Rebranded as PayMaya in 2016, it later transformed into Maya in 2022 with the launch of Maya Bank. The company offers diverse services such as Maya Wallet for money transfers and cryptocurrency transactions, Maya Savings with competitive interest rates, Maya Credit for credit lines, Maya Loans with multiple options, Maya Business for digital payment solutions, and Maya Center (formerly Smart Padala) for community financial access.

With over 50 million registered users, Maya has garnered recognition for its innovations, app design, and financial initiatives. Its strategic rebranding, security commitment, and workplace practices have earned acclaim from prestigious awards, illustrating its influence on the Philippines’ financial landscape.

On Facebook, motivational speaker Rendon Labador called out the said platform due to several complaints that he had been receiving about them. Labador is seeking an explanation for why they couldn’t return the money of some of their users. According to him, they should act right away because that money was hard-earned.

He also called the attention of the government agency connected with PayMaya to investigate this matter. Rendon Labador also asked netizens to comment on their complaints about the financial services and digital payments company if they have any.

“Hindi na kayo naawa sa mga tao! Pinag hihirapan ang pera na yan. Paki aksyunan agad ito agad hindi yung puro kayo “maMAYA na” I need your official statement ASAP!!!!” he noted.

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