Netizens Noticed Something During the Bonding of Yassi Pressman and Gov. Luigi Villafuerte

Yassi Pressman and Gov. Luigi Villafuerte bond

YASSI PRESSMAN and GOV. LUIGI VILLAFUERTE – The two are gaining attention online following their bonding moment together.

Yassi and Luigi became associated with each other after a video spread online, showing the actress being kissed by the politician, which garnered a lot of attention on the internet. This happened while she was hosting the 74th Bombon Foundation Day on August 13.

Previously, the two sparked feelings of “kilig” through a short video shared by Mary Rose Collao Mesia. In the video, Yassi and Luigi are seen dancing to the song ‘Valentine.’ Later, they engaged in a brief conversation, after which the actress gave the governor a kiss. This excited the audience, with some finding it endearing.

As of press time, Yassi and Luigi are causing a stir online as they spend time together. However, what captured the netizens’ attention was the placement of the governor’s hand. Netizens were thrilled to observe the governor’s right hand on the actress’s thigh.

This led to speculation that there might be deeper feelings between them. Some even asserted that they are already a couple, although they have yet to confirm any details about their relationship.

Aside from Governor Luigi Villafuerte, Yassi Pressman has also been linked to Sandro Marcos, the son of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos. Recently, a video of them appearing close to each other gained significant popularity online. Nevertheless, certain individuals on the internet were quick to clarify that they were simply friends.

While she is associated with these two politicians, earlier rumors emerged about the breakup of Yassi and her non-showbiz boyfriend, Jon Semira. Speculation began when she posted ‘not triple, not double, but SINGLE’ on her Instagram.

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