Yassi Pressman and Gov. Luigi Villafuerte Another ‘Kilig’ Moment: “Sino naman hindi madadala?”

Another “kilig” moment between Yassi Pressman and Gov. Luigi Villafuerte

YASSI PRESSMAN and GOV. LUIGI VILLAFUERTE – Another “kilig” moment between the actress and the government official resurfaced on social media.

Yassi and Luigi started to be linked to each other following the circulation of a video in which the actress was kissed by the politician, creating a buzz online. It happened during her hosting role at the 74th Bombon Foundation Day on August 13.

In the aforementioned video, the crowd can be heard cheering for a ‘kiss.’ Subsequently, the Governor of CamSur asked the crowd: ‘Kiss muna?’ Playfully, the actress responded by mentioning the presence of children. Eventually, Gov. Luigi planted a kiss on Yassi’s cheek, triggering an overflow of ‘kilig’ among the spectators.

The governor then proclaimed: ‘Let’s give a round of applause to Yassi Pressman, a special person in Gov. Luigi’s heart.’ Later on, he inquired with the audience about whether he and Yassi were a good match, and the crowd confirmed that they were indeed ‘bagay’ (suitable).

The two are sparking fresh waves of ‘kilig’ again in a short clip shared by a certain Mary Rose Collao Mesia as the duo can be seen dancing to the tune of ‘Valentine.’ Following that, they engaged in a casual conversation and then the actress gave a kiss to the governor. Their ‘kilig’ moment elicited excitement from the audience.

Here are a few snapshots:

Apart from Gov. Luigi Villafuerte, Yassi Pressman has been linked to Sandro Marcos, the son of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos. Recently, a video of them looking cozy with each other went viral. Nevertheless, some netizens were quick to assert that they were simply friends.

While she is connected to the two politicians, rumors had previously surfaced regarding Yassi and her businessman boyfriend, Jon Semira, possibly breaking up. This speculation arose after she posted the words ‘not triple, not double, but SINGLE’ on her Instagram.”

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