Kween Yasmin Duet with Jose Mari Chan Goes Viral

Duet of Kween Yasmin and Jose Mari Chan

KWEEN YASMIN – The social media personality turned to Facebook to post a video of herself singing “Christmas in Our Hearts” alongside Jose Mari Chan.

Kween Yasmin, whose real name is Yasmin Marie Asistido, gained fame with her rendition of the Ex-Battalion song “Hayaan Mo Sila,” which she titled “Lalaking Manloloko.” Her entertaining “cover songs” on her YouTube channel quickly gained traction online, and she now boasts over 100k subscribers.

On the other hand, Jose Mari Chan is dubbed the “Father of Philippine Christmas Music” due to his significant contribution to the holiday music landscape in the Philippines. His original song “Christmas in Our Hearts,” released in 1990, has become an iconic Christmas anthem in the country. The song’s enduring popularity and its regular appearance on the airwaves and in various media during the Christmas season have solidified Jose Mari Chan’s association with holiday music.

Kween Yasmin
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“Christmas in Our Hearts” captures the spirit of Filipino Christmas celebrations and the joyous atmosphere of the holiday season. Its heartwarming lyrics and melodic tune resonate with Filipinos, and the song has been passed down through generations as a cherished part of the holiday tradition.

Jose Mari Chan
Photo: Balitang America

Recently, Kween Yasmin posted a video featuring herself and Chan. In the video, she sang a few lines of the song while the legendary Jose Mari Chan lip-syncs. She is also seen holding a can of Jolly Mushroom. Watch the video below:

Her post is accompanied by the caption: “duet cover with Mr, Jose Mari Chan. Dahil nalalapit na ang Christmas will sing our song Xmas in our hearts with Jolly Mushroom..” At the time of writing, the post has garnered thousands of views. The duet has also elicited mixed reactions from netizens. A netizen commented: “unang cover na nasa tono si kween (emojis) im not crying you are.” Another netizen wrote: “Sabotahe nangyari,bakit mo po nakamute si sir jose marie chan.”

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