Bogart TV Criticized for Taking Advantage of ‘Free Taste’ During Trip to Taiwan: “Kunting hiya naman”

During his trip to Taiwan, Bogart TV saw a stall offering free taste samples of their food, but he didn’t hold back and kept eating

BOGART TV – The Filipino vlogger was heavily criticized after he proudly showed himself eating lots of free food samples at a food market in Taiwan. In his video, Bogart walked around the market and saw a stall offering free taste samples of their food.

He didn’t hold back and kept eating the samples until the stall staff told him to stop. Instead of being respectful and stopping, Bogart acted rudely and complained about the vendor stopping him. He made a thoughtless comment that made the situation worse. “Siya (vendor) na nagsawa. Tumutusok ako, nilalayo na niya. Hahahaha. Put—na mo ka a. Mamigay ka pa a,” he said.

Netizens quickly expressed their disappointment and embarrassment over Bogart’s behavior in Taiwan. They were worried that his actions might give a bad impression of Filipinos in the country. One person named Rome asked Bogart to think about other Filipinos abroad because his actions could lead to unfair judgments about all Filipinos.

Bogart TV
Credit to the rightful owner of the photos

Another netizen named Emmanuel said that Bogart’s behavior was shameful and reflected badly on the Philippines. Many others agreed, with someone named Lhianne saying she felt so embarrassed that she couldn’t finish watching the video.

The video became very popular and got 11 million views. As of press time, Bogart TV has yet to issue any statement regarding the criticisms that he has been receiving. Watch the video below:

Here are some of the comments of netizens:

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