54-Year-Old Woman Returns to High School in Mandaue

54-Year-Old Woman in Mandaue City Pursues High School Education

A 54-year-old woman from Barangay Tawason in the city of Mandaue defies age norms and decided returned to school.

Education serves as a key to open the door to new opportunities. It gives people the tools they need to understand their surroundings and participate meaningfully to society. Education promotes curiosity and instills a passion for lifelong learning by offering a firm foundation in a variety of areas.

Every step of the educational journey, from early childhood schooling through higher learning institutions, establishes a solid foundation for personal and community growth.

54-Year-Old Woman

Recently, Nanay Demetria Bontilao takes a courageous journey to return to school at the recently established Tawason National High School despite her old age. She decided to rekindle her dream to complete her high school education through the support of her family.

Bontilao was born in Magsaysay, Zamboanga del Sur but eventually moved to Mandaue City and began her life there. Unfortunately, her educational journey was stopped when her parents died when she was only in second grade, leaving her unable to complete her studies beyond elementary school.

Demetria shows her determination to return to school was obvious. Armed with a report card that had remained untouched for over 40 years, she reached out to the Tawason National High School.

54-Year-Old Woman

The journey to pursue education anew wasn’t an easy one for the middle-aged woman. She used to shoulder various responsibilities and now had to juggle her studies alongside her daily commitments.

As her own children completed their college education, she grabbed the opportunity to pursue her education. Her story serves as inspiration to everyone that pursuing education knows no age.

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54-Year-Old Woman

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