Sabrina M and Rico Yan – Cristy Fermin Refutes ‘Secret Relationship’ Between the Actress and Late Actor

Cristy Fermin refutes the “secret relationship” between Sabrina M and Rico Yan

SABRINA M X RICO YAN RELATIONSHIP – Prominent columnist Cristy Fermin has refuted the actress’s assertions that she had a “secret relationship” with the late actor. Fermin, who had closely followed Rico during his lifetime, addressed Sabrina’s claims on her show, “Cristy Ferminute.”

Sabrina had recently stated that she was Rico’s girlfriend after his breakup with Claudine Barretto. She mentioned that Claudine was aware of their relationship, although they never openly discussed it. Sabrina also claimed that Rico’s parents were aware of their relationship and even attended his burial.

However, Fermin expressed skepticism about Sabrina and Rico’s alleged relationship, stating that she never observed any signs of their relationship. She highlighted the fact that for six months following Rico’s passing, there was no mention of Sabrina M in connection with him.

Sabrina M and Rico Yan
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Fermin emphasized her disbelief, stating that she would rather believe that water flows upward in waterfalls than believe Sabrina’s claims. She asserted that she had not seen a single trace of Sabrina during the wake, burial, or any related events.

Fermin and others also questioned Sabrina’s motives for disclosing her alleged relationship with Rico, noting that the late actor is unable to defend himself against these claims. As of now, Rico’s relatives have not responded to Sabrina’s claims.

Ricardo Carlos “Rico” Castro Yan was a prominent Filipino actor, model, and entrepreneur. He gained fame as a matinee idol and starred in numerous successful television dramas and films, often paired with actresses Judy Ann Santos and Claudine Barretto.

Unfortunately, Rico passed away on March 29, 2002, due to cardiac arrest caused by acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis. His death deeply saddened the nation, and he was fondly remembered as a talented and beloved actor.

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