Sabrina M and Rico Yan – Cristy Fermin Refutes ‘Secret Relationship’ Between the Actress and Late Actor

Sabrina M and Rico Yan

Cristy Fermin refutes the “secret relationship” between Sabrina M and Rico Yan SABRINA M X RICO YAN RELATIONSHIP – Prominent columnist Cristy Fermin has refuted the actress’s assertions that she had a “secret relationship” with the late actor. Fermin, who had closely followed Rico during his lifetime, addressed Sabrina’s claims on her show, “Cristy Ferminute.” … Read more

Javi Benitez Defends Sue Ramirez vs Basher’s Claim of “Secret Relationship” with Ian Veneracion

Javi Benitez, Sue Ramirez and Ian Veneracion

Does Sue Ramirez have a “secret relationship” with Ian Veneracion? Javi Benitez defended his girlfriend Sue Ramirez against a netizen who claimed she has a “secret relationship” with Ian Veneracion. On January 23, Sue took to the image-sharing site, Instagram wherein she posted a photo of her wearing a two-piece swimsuit. It is accompanied by … Read more