Proud Mom Shares Son’s Generosity Towards Woman in Need

Proud Mom Shares Son’s Generosity Towards Woman in Need

A proud mom earns praise from the online community after sharing the generosity of her son towards a woman in need.

Acts of kindness can come from unexpected sources, reminding us of the inherent goodness within individuals. In a heartwarming story, Facebook user named Tin Gonzales shared a touching experience involving her child’s selflessness towards a woman asking for spare change to buy food.

The inspiring story serves as a reminder of the compassion and generosity that can be found even in the youngest members of our society.

Proud Mom

Gonzales recounted the incident that took place in a food court at Divisoria. After treating her son to a meal at Jollibee, they were approached by a woman seeking spare change for food.

With no cash left and having used her last bit of money to buy her child’s food, Tin apologetically explained to the woman that she couldn’t offer any coins.

Tin’s son, whom she fondly refers to as “Porky,” immediately offered to give the woman his own meal. Despite being hungry himself, Porky insisted that the woman could have his food instead.

The young bnoy expressed that he could eat Jollibee every day and wanted to share his meal with someone in need.

As the proud mom handed over Porky’s meal to the woman, a wave of happiness washed over her. The woman couldn’t believe the kindness shown to her and received the meal with gratitude.

In a small act of generosity, Porky made a significant impact on someone’s life, exemplifying the power of compassion and selflessness.

Bilang nanay nakaka-proud at nakaka-touch na makita mo anak mo na may mabuting puso sa kapwa. Busy sya sa paglalaro sa phone nya pero di nya alam na nakatitig ako sa kanya na at mangiyak ngiyak. May isang tao syang napasaya at natulungan sa munting paraan, Gonzales said.

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