Four Foreigners Arrested for Tearing the Philippine Flag

The Philippine flag was torn by four foreigners, resulting in their arrest

CAVITE – Four foreigners were apprehended in Ternate after allegedly desecrating and disrespecting the Philippine flag.

According to PNP Chief Police General Benjamin Acorda Jr., the suspects were on their way to Puerto Azul but got caught in heavy traffic. Frustrated by the situation, the foreigners reportedly pulled down the Philippine flag hanging from the flagpole at Marine Base Gregorio Lim and tore it apart. An officer from the Philippine Marines witnessed the foreigners’ alleged disrespect towards the flag and reported it to the Philippine National Police, leading to the apprehension of the foreigners.

Philippine flag
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Acorda stated that there are severe penalties for disrespecting the Philippine flag in accordance with the law. The foreigners have been detained and charged with violating RA8491 or The Code of the National Flag.

Meanwhile, Republic Act No. 8491 outlines various regulations regarding the treatment and use of the national flag. Section 34 of the act specifies several prohibited actions, including the mutilation, defacement, or disrespect of the flag. It is also prohibited to dip the flag as a form of compliment or salute, or to use it as a drapery, festoon, tablecloth, or covering for objects. The flag should not be displayed as a pennant on motor vehicles, staff, or whip, and it should not be used for unveiling monuments, statues, or as trademarks or labels.

Additional restrictions include not displaying the flag under paintings or pictures, horizontally face-up, below platforms, or in places of entertainment or vice. Wearing the flag as a costume or uniform, adding any markings or advertisements, and printing or attaching it to merchandise are also prohibited. Public display of foreign flags, except in diplomatic establishments or international organization offices, and using the flag in advertisements or infomercials are also restricted.

Lastly, it is prohibited to display the flag in front of buildings or offices occupied by non-citizens. These regulations aim to ensure the proper treatment and respect for the Philippine flag as a symbol of national identity.

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