Eat Bulaga ‘Word of the Rings’ Segment – Revamped Show’s Own Version of ‘Pinoy Henyo’?

Eat Bulaga releases its own version of Pinoy Henyo with a different title

PINOY HENYO – The rebranded version of Eat Bulaga has recently launched its own version of the popular segment under the “Word of the Rings” title.

In the June 30, 2023 episode of the show, they introduced a new game show called ‘Word of the Rings,’ which bears similarities to ‘Pinoy Henyo’ and is claimed to be owned by former Eat Bulaga writers who departed from the program the previous month.

During the episode, various guest celebrities participated in the iconic segment, which is a well-known parlor game among Filipinos. However, some fans of the former Eat Bulaga Dabarkads expressed disappointment and accused Television and Production Exponents Inc. (TAPE Inc.) of copying ‘Pinoy Henyo.’

Pinoy Henyo

In response, defenders of the rebranded Eat Bulaga emphasized that TAPE Inc. actually owned the ‘Pinoy Henyo’ trademark until 2032. This ownership claim was rooted in the fact that the production company argued that they pay their writers to be creative, and thus, any creations made by their staff during their employment with Eat Bulaga belonged to the company.

Tito Sotto, a lawyer and legislator, previously asserted that the popular segments of Eat Bulaga, including ‘Pinoy Henyo,’ were owned by the writers themselves. He believed that creators become owners of their work at the moment of creation. However, TAPE Inc. executives countered this by questioning whether it was reasonable for writers to claim ownership of their creations while being paid salaries and allowances. According to them, if writers are employed to be creative, the resulting creations should be considered the property of the production company.

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