Customer Shares Heartwarming Photo of Family Having Simple Celebration After Child’s Graduation

A Simple Yet Meaningful Celebration: A Touching Story of Family Who Celebrates Child’s Graduation

A curious customer has shared a heartwarming photo of a family having a simple celebration after their child’s graduation.

Jerome Estores captured a heartwarming moment of a family celebrating their child’s graduation while dining at a lomi restaurant in Batangas. The photograph shows a young girl holding her diploma, adorned with a ribbon, surrounded by her family.

Estoring is savoring the hot noodles of his lomi when he noticed this family ordering at the counter. The young girl held a diploma, and there was a sense of pure joy on their faces.


From this encounter, Jerome realized that it doesn’t necessarily require lavish spending to celebrate a special occasion as long as the family is together and the parents recognize their child’s diligent efforts in their studies.

The latter explained that education is like lomi; whether your child is in a ‘regular’ or ‘special’ class, whether they attend private or public school, it’s important to acknowledge their achievements. You don’t have to flaunt their awards on social media.

Here is the full post:

Habang hinihigop ko ang mainit na noodles ng aking lomi ay napansin ko ang isang pamilyang ito na umoorder sa counter. May hawak na diploma ang batang babae at may nakasabit na ribbon sa kanyang uniform. Kita sa kanilang mukha na masayang masaya sila. Narealize ko na, hindi naman talaga kailangang gumastos ng mahal para magcelebrate. Ang mahalaga ay narecognize mo as a parent ang mga achievements ng iyong anak. Kaya nga “recognition”.

Ang pagaaral parang lomi lang, nasa “regular” or “special” class man ang anak mo, private man o public school, importanteng nakikita mo ang achievements nila. You don’t have to flex his/her awards on social media, the simple “anak proud ako sa’yo” malaking bagay na. Because the only person who really needs your approval is your child, not other people.


to all graduates and to all hardworking parents! ”

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