Claudine Barretto’s Lawyer Gives Sabrina M a 3-Day Ultimatum to Apologize

Lawyer of Claudine Barretto: “Pinalalabas po kasi ni Sabrina M na si Rico Yan ay two-timer”

ATTORNEY FERDINAND TOPACIO – The lawyer of Claudine Barretto has issued a three-day ultimatum to Sabrina M due to her claims about a “secret relationship” with Rico Yan.

During an interview with columnist Cristy Fermin, Topacio expressed his belief that Sabrina’s allegations may have tarnished the image of both Rico Yan and his client, Claudine Barretto, who was also Rico’s former girlfriend. Topacio pointed out that Sabrina’s statements implied that Rico Yan was involved with multiple partners and that Claudine was aware of this.

He criticized Sabrina for making such claims about someone who is no longer alive and unable to defend himself. Topacio urged Sabrina to apologize, emphasizing that they all inhabit the same world and should not use the name of someone who cannot respond.

Sabrina M and Rico Yan
Credit to the rightful owner of the photos

If Sabrina fails to publicly apologize to Claudine and Rico’s family within three days, Topacio stated that legal action would be considered against her. He warned that they would be forced to take action if she did not show remorse.

“Will give you three days hanggang Linggo Sabrina M, marami namang talk shows please mag-sorry ka na lang kay Claudine, mag sorry ka sa pamilya ni Rico Yan, mag sorry ka sa alaala ni Rico Yan. Otherwise much to our regret ay kailangan po kaming kumilos sa paraang legal,” he said.

It is worth noting that Rico Yan’s passing was a highly publicized event at the time, with his funeral being one of the most attended in the country’s history, as thousands of fans paid their final respects to the actor. Given the significance of Rico’s death and the doubts raised by showbiz reporters, including Cristy Fermin, about Sabrina’s account, even a close friend of Sabrina named Katrina Paula has already debunked her story.

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