Claudine Barretto On Rumored Movie with Judy Ann Santos

Claudine Barretto

Claudine Barretto: “Ako rin inaabangan ko rin pero …” CLAUDINE BARRETTO – Here’s what the actress said when she spoke about the rumored movie with Judy Ann Santos. The actress has confirmed the possibility of doing a comeback movie with Judy Ann. However, she said in an interview with reporters on Monday that they’re still … Read more

Judy Ann Santos Shares Update On Team-up With Claudine Barretto

Judy Ann Santos

Judy Ann Santos: “May inquiries.” JUDY ANN SANTOS – The award-winning actress recently shared an update about her possible project with actress Claudine Barretto. The actress just wrapped up filming the Philippine adaptation of “Call my Agent”. She shared in a media interview on Friday that it took them “10 months” to film the whole … Read more

Sabrina M Denies Filing a Case Against Claudine Barretto

Sabrina M and Claudine Barretto

Sabrina M: “Wala naman pong grounds para kasuhan ko si Claudine” SABRINA M – The controversial actress denied that she’s filing a case against Claudine Barretto, an ex-girlfriend of Rico Yan. Sabrina M, whose real name is Maricaren Pallasigue, made headlines after claiming in a recent press conference that she had a “secret relationship” with … Read more

Sabrina M Taps Lawyers As She Braces For Legal Battle

Sabrina M and lawyers

Sabrina M taps free legal assistance lawyers SABRINA M – The actress braces for a legal battle amidst threats of the camp of actress Claudine Barretto. The actress, whose real name is Maricaren Pallasigue, posted a photo on her social media account and shared that she tapped lawyers from Knowledge Advocate of Volunteer Lawyers for … Read more

Claudine Barretto’s Lawyer Gives Sabrina M a 3-Day Ultimatum to Apologize

Claudine Barretto and Sabrina M

Lawyer of Claudine Barretto: “Pinalalabas po kasi ni Sabrina M na si Rico Yan ay two-timer” ATTORNEY FERDINAND TOPACIO – The lawyer of Claudine Barretto has issued a three-day ultimatum to Sabrina M due to her claims about a “secret relationship” with Rico Yan. During an interview with columnist Cristy Fermin, Topacio expressed his belief … Read more

Katrina Paula Belies Sabrina M’s “Secret Relationship” with Rico Yan; Claudine Barretto Reacts

Katrina Paula

Katrina Paula on claims of Sabrina’s “secret relationship” with Rico Yan: “Baka nagkatikiman sila” KATRINA PAULA – A close friend of Sabrina M belied the “secret relationship” claim of the actress with late matinee idol, Rico Yan. Sabrina M, a daring actress who rose to fame in the 90s, claimed earlier that she had a … Read more