Netizen on Eat Bulaga Host Paolo Contis: “Magbibigay ng papremyo, pero hindi ng sustento”

Paolo Contis, among the new hosts of Eat Bulaga, criticized

PAOLO CONTIS – The controversial actor was heavily criticized after being introduced as one of the newest hosts of Eat Bulaga.

Earlier today, the noon-time show revealed its newest hosts, including Paolo Contis, Betong Sumaya, Buboy Villar, Alexa Miro, and twins Cassy and Mavy Legaspi.

In the initial segment of the revamped Eat Bulaga, the hosts participated in a giveaway activity where they awarded cash prizes and a premium smartphone to lucky audience members. This exciting event involved spinning a roulette wheel, with picket fans representing different colors given out to those present in the studio.

Eat Bulaga

However, the selection of the new hosts received mixed reactions, with many expressing dissatisfaction. Paolo Contis, in particular, faced significant criticism due to his controversial reputation.

One netizen, Edison Figueroa Anog, even brought up the issue of “sustento” that the actor previously faced. In a comment on a post by the Philippine Star, Anog mentioned, “Magbibigay ng papremyo, pero hindi ng sustento.” This refers to Paolo Contis’ admission earlier this year that he does not provide financial support to his daughters with Lian Paz.

Another netizen commented, “Mula Batanes hanggang Baguio, As a friend.” This was in reference to Contis’ trip to Baguio with his current girlfriend, Yen Santos.

Meanwhile, the original hosts of Eat Bulaga have yet to make any statements regarding the new set of hosts for the noontime show. While many were criticizing them, there were netizens defending the new hosts. Some said that they should at least be given a chance to prove themselves.

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