Angelica Panganiban and Gregg Homan To Tie The Knot “Early Next Year”

Here’s what Angelica Panganiban and Gregg Homan said when they were asked about the wedding date.

ANGELICA PANGANIBAN AND GREGG HOMAN – The couple announced that they’re set to tie the knot “early next year”

The couple released a vlog on their YouTube channel where they marked their 1st anniversary as content creators by hosting a Q&A and answering questions from their followers.

According to the couple, a lot of netizens asked them about their wedding date.

Angelica Panganiban and Gregg Homan

In response to the question, the couple shared that have already told their family, close friends, and relatives abroad to save the date of when they intend to getting married.

Gregg said that they’re going to tie the knot “last year” but they decided to reschedule it because they “wanted to make Bean a part of it”. He also revealed that he and his partner are going to tie the knot “early next year”.

According to Gregg, they’re looking at places locally to do it but he’s excited for their wedding.

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Angelica, for her part, shared that she and her partner have postponed their wedding “twice” already. She also said that they want to finally push through with their wedding this time around.

Meron na kaming save the date, sinabi na namin siya sa mga kapamilya namin abroad para makapagtipid na sila, makapag-ipon na,” she said. “Sa mga friends namin na sobrang busy yung schedule nila sa life, marami silang commitments, inunahan na namin sila na i-save na yung araw na iyon.

Although the couple didn’t reveal the exact date of their wedding in 2024, the actress teased that their social media followers would be easily able to figure out the date of their wedding.

In another part of the vlog, the couple emphasized the significance of the numbers “5” and “20” in their lives.

According to a report on ABS-CBN News, it was precisely at that time, 5:20 p.m., when Angelica accepted Gregg’s proposal last 2021. Also, the couple have consistently chosen that time for their social media broadcasts ever since they officially launched their YouTube channel.

The hint brought her followers to speculate that they might get married on May 20, 2024.

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