Gamer Noticed an Indent on His Head While Shaving His Hair; Due to Prolonged Use of Headphones

Gamer gets head indent due to prolonged use of headphones

CURTOSS – The gamer and Twitch streamer noticed an indent on his head while shaving his hair for charity.

Recently, Curtoss embarked on a charitable endeavor, deciding to shave his hair, and took the opportunity to live-stream the event on his Twitch channel. However, what unfolded during the stream caught him off guard. While shaving, Curtoss noticed a noticeable indent on the top of his head, seemingly caused by the prolonged use of his gaming headphones. The unexpected discovery left him genuinely shocked, and he couldn’t help but share his surprise with his viewers.

It is crucial to understand that these indents are not permanent and should not cause any long-term concerns. Wearing headphones for extended periods, as many gamers do, may lead to temporary creases in both the hair and skin on the head. Nevertheless, it is essential to emphasize that such headphones cannot inflict permanent damage or indentations. This phenomenon is not unique to Curtoss, as other gamers and streamers, including Tyler1, have also shared similar experiences.

head indent

Experts in the field recommend using over-the-ear headphones specifically designed for gaming sessions. These headphones offer several advantages, such as enhanced sound quality and the ability to protect the user’s hearing. Furthermore, they help minimize the potential risk of damaging the delicate cartilage in the inner ear, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable gaming experience.

In addition to the type of headphones, it is also advisable to consider opting for wireless models. Wireless over-the-ear headphones eliminate the need for a wired connection, reducing the strain on the head, neck, and posture that may occur with wired headphones. By making this switch, gamers can avoid unnecessary discomfort or temporary marks on their heads.

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