Duterte Disappointed with Putin

Duterte expresses disappointment with Putin

RODRIGO DUTERTE – The former president is now disappointed with Russian President Vladimir Putin, despite previously holding him in high regard.

The former President said that he considers Putin a friend, but he cannot fully comprehend why Putin decided to invade Ukraine, resulting in the loss of many lives. “Si Putin kaibigan ko, hindi naman ako kampi ng Ukraine but I am really disappointed why he came to the decision to invade Ukraine. Hindi lang kasi yan, so many lives were lost and the country leveled to the ground,” said the former President.

It can be recalled that the former President had a close relationship with Putin and even received weapons and military trucks as symbols of their strong friendship. However, the former President does not conform to someone’s actions, especially if innocent people are being harmed due to personal interests.

Duterte and Putin
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Regarding the ongoing disturbances caused by a group in Russia, the former President stated that there is no need to evacuate Filipinos in Moscow and other places, as embassy officials will take care of their welfare. “There is no need to remove them physically from the territory of Russia. Our embassy should have by this time, made provisions a place where we can safely gather Filipinos there hindi naman in great number yan,” the former President added.

Former President Duterte believes that Filipinos in Russia are safe as long as embassy officials are doing their job properly. However, he warned that if Filipinos in Russia are harmed, he would personally go there and confront those responsible. “Wag nila sasaktan ang mga Pilipinong inosente kasi pag hindi mapipilitan akong pumunta doon pagsisipain ko sila,” Duterte said.

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