ABS-CBN Reporter Mario Dumaual Admitted to ICU Following a Heart Attack

Mario Dumaual is in ICU after a heart attack

MARIO DUMAUAL – A respected broadcaster in the showbiz industry who works for ABS-CBN, has been admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) after suffering a heart attack.

Miguel Dumaual, also a reporter for ABS-CBN, shared the challenging situation their family has been facing in a Facebook post. He expressed gratitude for the support they have received from family, friends, and the public, which has helped them cope during this difficult time.

Miguel revealed that his father experienced a heart attack on Monday and is currently in critical condition under intensive care. Although isolated, Mario has been given his phone on a few occasions, allowing him to express his longing and desire to be with his family. Miguel cherished these messages from his father, considering the ordeal he has been through and continues to face.

Mario Dumaual

Miguel also mentioned that his father has never been hospitalized before, making this experience overwhelming for both him and the family. While Mario fights for his recovery, his friends and well-wishers are calling for prayers and positive thoughts to support him. The Dumaual family firmly believes that in the upcoming days, they will find more reasons to be grateful, especially when Mario finally returns home.

Meanwhile, Angeli Valenciano, the wife of Gary Valenciano, shared her deep concern for Mario’s well-being. She recounted a recent encounter where she hugged Mario and encouraged him to stay strong, unaware of the health scare that awaited him. In her social media post, she requested prayers for Mario’s recovery and healing. She described him as one of her sweetest and dearest friends in the showbiz industry.

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