Tasted Blood Meaning & Sentence Examples

Tasted Blood Definition, Sentence Examples

TASTED BLOOD MEANING – Find out what tasted blood really means. Example sentences of this idiomatic expression can also be found here.

The idea that killing another animal will give dogs a “taste for blood” or cause them to become aggressive is said to be the major source of the term “tasted blood,” according to some sources. Similarly, it demonstrates how some predatory animals, after tasting human blood, can develop a liking for it and turn into human serial killers.

In particular, there is a myth that most of us have certainly heard at some point, according to which a dog will turn wild if it tastes blood. It is recognized that dogs and other animals do have a feral instinct, albeit this is not a verified reality.


Tasted Blood Meaning:

  • to have a fascinating or exciting experience that makes you desire to repeat it.
  • to become aware that a rival is practically defeated.
  • to assault someone when one perceives their vulnerability.
  • to feel something terrible or destructive and then grow hungry for it.
  • to experience a modest victory and be inspired to believe that victory is possible.
  • accomplished a modest triumph that gave you hope that you could achieve a bigger victory.

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Here are examples of sentences that use tasted blood:

  1. Now that Ian has tasted blood, he is eager to meet his opponent on the field again,
  2. The cop was proud of the fact that his terriers had never tasted blood.  
  3. Toni has tasted blood now, and can’t wait to meet his rival on the court again.
  4. Soon, you’ll taste blood for the first time.

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