Clear The Decks Meaning & Sentence Examples

Clear The Decks Definition, Sentence Examples

CLEAR THE DECKS MEANING – Find out what clear the decks really means. Example sentences of this idiomatic expression can also be found here.

The idiom “clear the decks” is frequently used when someone wants to get ready for an important task. It has its roots in naval combat when members of the crew would gather and set aside all unnecessary goods before a conflict; in essence, they cleaned the ship’s deck of all trash.

This phrase has now entered common usage as we prepare for important events, both figuratively and literally. This expression is still used today to emphasize the significance of getting things done fast and effectively so that something important can proceed. It still conveys a sense of urgency.


Clear The Decks Meaning:

  • to address any potential roadblocks to a course of action or an event.
  • should purge unnecessary items so that you are prepared to act.
  • Finish less crucial activities so that an important task can start.
  • get ready for action

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Here are examples of sentences that use clear the decks:

  1. We need to clear the decks and get our thesis done on time.
  2. Bill is trying to clear the decks before Christmas.
  3. The volleyball team had to clear the decks so they could focus their attention on the game.
  4. Mom asked us to clear the decks because we have a visitor coming next week.

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