In Due Course Meaning & Sentence Examples

In Due Course Definition, Sentence Examples

IN DUE COURSE MEANING – Find out what in due course really means. Example sentences of this idiomatic expression can also be found here.

The word “course” derives from the Latin word cursus, which also refers to a voyage, running, direction, stream flow, and a ship’s track. The expression “in due time” was first used by English poet and novelist Geoffrey Chaucer in the late 1300s.

In the famous opening of the American Declaration of Independence (1776), the word “course” is used similarly as follows: “When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands …”


In Due Course Meaning:

  • In the not-too-distant future
  • anything that can’t happen now but will at the appropriate moment
  • in the expected or suitable order of things
  • not before the appropriate future time
  • finally – after a certain amount of time

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Here are examples of sentences that use in due course:

  1. All students will be informed of our decision in due course.
  2. The LET takers will receive the notification of the exam in due course.
  3. The CEO intends to respond in due course.
  4. Ray said he will return to this issue in due course.

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