Bite The Bullet Meaning & Sentence Examples

Bite The Bullet Definition, Sentence Examples

BITE THE BULLET MEANING – Find out what bite the bullet really means. Example sentences of this idiomatic expression can also be found here.

Before the invention of anesthesia, soldiers who had been injured in combat and needed medical attention or surgery were made to bite on something tough to prevent them from shouting out in pain.

The most common weapons on the battlefield were a bullet or a leather strap. Therefore, troops took the risk of having to face the discomfort of surgery without anesthesia. This is the source of the expression.


Bite The Bullet Meaning:

  • to go through a difficult situation that you can’t avoid
  • to force oneself to endure something difficult or unpleasant
  • to have the courage to face a challenging circumstance
  • to refrain from displaying fear or discomfort in a challenging circumstance

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Here are examples of sentences that use bite the bullet:

  1. All cops have to bite the bullet when they get their drafting letter.
  2. Jonathan has to learn to bite the bullet and face his fears of flying.
  3. The severe drought is forcing everybody to bite the bullet and use less water.
  4. Given what was at stake, Jenny had to bite the bullet and ignore all the blood as she tried to help the accident victim.

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