OWWA Chief Arnell Ignacio Gives Message to ‘Pasaway’ OFWs in UAE Detained for Introducing Themselves as Escorts

Here’s the message of Arnell Ignacio to OFWs in UAE who were detained for introducing themselves as escorts

ARNELL IGNACIO – The chief of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) gave a message to “pasaway” OFWS in UAE who were detained by authorities after a video of them introducing themselves as escorts went viral.

The OWWA official emphasized the importance for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) to always be knowledgeable about and adhere to the laws of the foreign countries where they work. Ignacio expressed frustration in a video message regarding OFWs who put their lives at risk due to their actions. He referred to the recent incident involving five OFWs in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) who were detained by authorities after a video of them introducing themselves as escorts went viral.

Ignacio stated that they had repeatedly reminded OFWs to be cautious and avoid engaging in activities that violate foreign laws, but many of them continue to make the same mistakes. Despite this, the government has no choice but to provide assistance to these OFWs.

Arnell Ignacio
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Ignacio further expressed disappointment with the behavior of some OFWs, who resort to making false claims and distort the truth when they encounter problems, such as seeking help from media outlets. He emphasized that OFWs should be mindful of their actions as they are representing the Philippines in foreign countries, and their misconduct can reflect poorly on their fellow countrymen.

Ignacio also criticized OFWs who engage in illegal activities, such as having boyfriends or getting pregnant in places where it is prohibited, and then seek help when they face consequences. He highlighted that being an OFW does not give them a free pass to do whatever they want, as their actions can have negative repercussions not only for themselves but also for other law-abiding OFWs.

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