Female Influencer Amber Lin Criticized for Refusing to Eat in Food Court w/ Afam Suitor

Female Influencer Amber Lin Earns Reactions Online for Refusing to Eat in Food Court

Amber Lin, a popular female influencer based in Cebu, has found herself at the center of controversy after sharing a story about a ‘bad’ date she had with a foreigner.

The video, which has since gone viral, sparked outrage among netizens who accused Amber of being insensitive and shallow. Amber recounted how she accepted an invitation from a foreigner for a date, but felt disappointed even during the planning stage of their first meeting.

The foreigner, she claims, did not make a reservation and suggested they eat at a food court. Amber was disappointed because she expected to be brought to a fancier restaurant.

Female Influencer

“Sabi niya ‘okay let’s go’ it’s like a food court, you want me to bring to a food court, it’s like a hawker center. Tapos ako I was like ‘No, I can bring myself to a better restaurant, no I’m not going, If you want to go, you go’ ganon. I don’t want to go there, you have to impress me. Ginanon ko siya,” the vlogger reiterated.

However, to her surprise, the foreign national brought her to a better restaurant, which Amber enjoyed. Despite this, she informed him that they would not see each other again due to her negative dating experience with him.

While Amber’s story may seem harmless to some, it has drawn the ire of many netizens who criticized her for her shallow behavior. Many pointed out that it was unfair of her to judge the foreigner based on his choice of restaurant and that she should have given him a chance.

Others accused Amber of being ungrateful and entitled, pointing out that the foreigner had gone out of his way to take her to a nice restaurant despite her initial reservations.

Female Influencer

The internet users expressed their reactions to the video:

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