Roel Degamo’s Wife has idea on “Mastermind” behind Negros Oriental Governor’s Death

Negros Oriental Roel Degamo’s Wife Speaks on her Husband’s Death

ROEL DEGAMO’S WIFE – Pamplona Mayor Janice Degamo revealed that she has an idea on the “mastermind” behind the death of the Negros Oriental Governor.

The death of Negros Oriental Governor Roel Degamo left countless hearts grieving. He had a sudden passing last Saturday after armed men entered their residence and attacked him and several civilians who were inside his house then.

Degamo is survived by his wife, Pamplona Mayor Janice Degamo, and their two (2) sons. His death came more than two weeks since the Supreme Court upheld the COMELEC decision declaring him as the winner of the May 2022 Election for Negros Oriental governor.

The governor was rushed to the hospital but he did not make it. At least five (5) civilians also died due to the incident.

Roel Degamo

In a recent interview with Kabayan Noli de Castro, Pamplona Mayor Janice Degamo expressed that she has an idea on the “mastermind” behind the death of her husband. Based on the report, Gov. Roel Degamo’s wife tagged the mastermind as a popular person in the country now.

“This man is very known in the country today,” the Pamplona Mayor said.

Roel Degamo's Wife Janice Degamo

Based on the report, the wife of the Negros Oriental Governor was inside their house when the suspects entered their resident in Pamplona. According to her, someone knocked in the door so the guard opened the gate to peek. The guard did not allow the men to get inside but one of them forcefully pushed the gate and allowed his companions to go inside the compound.

“Parang very fast yung nangyari. Lahat nangyari in 41 seconds lang,” Mayor Janice said. Several known personalities in politics assured the Degamo family that they will search for justice for his death.

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