Rendon Labador Holds General Meeting After ‘Temporary Closure’ of Newly Opened Resto

After announcing the temporary closure of his newly opened restaurant, Rendon Labador held a general meeting with his staff

RENDON LABADOR – The so-called motivational speaker and businessman held a general meeting following the “temporary closure” of his newly opened restaurant.

It was on March 25, 2023, Saturday when the Episode Bar + Kitchen, a restaurant owned by Labador, officially held its grand opening, which featured performances by various artists including Paolo Santos, LILY, Any Name’s Okay, SUD, and DJ Justin San.

The ticket price for this event included 2 free drinks and 1 bar chow, and cost P2,000 per person. Rendon disclosed that he spent a total of 1.2 million pesos for the restaurant’s opening, with 800K allocated for fine dining, and 400K for high-end beverages.

Despite these efforts, no tickets were sold for the grand opening, leading Rendon to place the blame on Coco Martin’s fans. Prior to the opening of his resto, the actor-director’s supporters criticized Rendon for his disrespectful remarks towards Coco Martin, the lead star of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo. In light of this, Rendon took to Facebook to announce that his newly opened restaurant will be temporarily closed.

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After announcing the temporary closure of his newly opened restaurant, Episode Bar + Kitchen posted some snaps thru its official Facebook page while having a general meeting. Rendon met with his staff to probably discuss some matters concerning the operation of his resto.

Rendon reposted the photos of their general meeting on his official Facebook account. His post was accompanied by the caption: “We will comeback stronger! #TeamMotivated.”

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