Man Arrested for Slapping a Woman Across Face With Slice of Pizza

Man slaps woman with pizza

FLORIDA – A man was taken into custody after he allegedly hit a woman in the face with a slice of pizza during a heated argument.

The strange attack is believed to have taken place during a domestic disturbance, as per an arrest affidavit by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. Fox News reported on the incident, stating that the victim accused Ortelio Lazaro Alfonso of hitting her on the left side of her face with the pizza slice during a dispute.

The court documents revealed that Alfonso became agitated when the victim hit someone else in the home on the “bottom area.” After the pizza was used as a weapon, the victim’s shirt, collar, and back were all splattered with pizza sauce. According to the sheriff’s office, there were also remnants of pizza in her hair and near her ear, and the walls and ceiling of the kitchen were smeared with sauce.

pizza slapping
Credit: TNT Abante

In the affidavit, deputies wrote that Alfonso claimed to have not physically struck the victim with his hands, but only with the pizza. The incident led to his arrest, and he was charged with battery. Alfonso was later released from custody.

Meanwhile, this unusual incident raises questions about the consequences of physical violence in domestic disputes and highlights the need for individuals to seek peaceful resolution methods. It also serves as a reminder that even in heated moments, resorting to physical violence is never an acceptable way to resolve conflicts.

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