Raul Dillo Expresses Longing to his Son Who’s Away from Him

Here’s the message of Raul Dillo to his son who’s away from him

RAUL DILLO – The former basketball player turned actor expressed his longing to his son who’s away from him.

Recently, he gained widespread attention on social media following his heartfelt plea to Kapamilya actor Coco Martin. Dillo, who is recognized for his noteworthy portrayal of ‘Kapre’ in various programs and films, implored Martin to give him another chance to enter the entertainment industry after he lost his source of income. The emotional appeal quickly gained momentum, capturing millions of views across various social media platforms, and eventually reached the production team of Martin’s show, FPJ’s Batang Quiapo.

As a result of the plea, the towering 7’3″ actor confirmed to his supporters that he had already received an offer to be part of the series. The sudden surge of Dillo’s popularity, however, led many to wonder about his personal life, especially his son who is not with him at the moment.

This came after Dillo shared a touching message with his son via social media. In his post, he expressed his deep longing to be reunited with his child, who was residing far away from him due to academic obligations. With Dillo’s acting career gaining momentum once more, fans and supporters alike are hopeful that he will have the opportunity to reconnect with his son and make up for lost time.

The impact of Dillo’s plea has shed light on the struggles of many in the entertainment industry who have faced significant setbacks as a result of the pandemic. However, it has also shown the power of social media in amplifying voices and helping individuals get a second chance. With Dillo’s resurgence, his fans are eager to see more of him on screen and anticipate his future successes.

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