Maegan Aguilar to Raffy Tulfo: “Sa ’yo na pera mo, I don’t need your help! I don’t need rehab!”

Here’s the message of Maegan Aguilar to Raffy Tulfo

MAEGAN AGUILAR – The daughter of legendary OPM artist Freddie Aguilar went to social media wherein she posted a video in which she gave a message to Senator Raffy Tulfo.

A month ago, Maegan went to the public service program of Tulfo wherein she asked for help. The senator, on the other hand, promised to help her financially as long as she tests negative in drug use.

However, it turned out in her hair follicle test that she took an illegal substance within the 90-day period. This prompted the neophyte politician to take back his promise.

According to him, he will not give any livelihood assistance to Maegan but because of his kind heart, he told her that he’s going to shoulder her rehabilitation. Maegan was hesitant at first but after talking to an expert, she agreed with the senator. However, it’s not yet clear if she’s really willing to undergo a drug rehabilitation program.

Apparently, in the latest video posted by Maegan online. She stressed that she doesn’t need the help of Tulfo as well as undergo a rehab. In the video, Maegan claimed that she’s undergoing depression, bipolarism and exhausted because of her sickness. She also kept on denying that she was an addict.

Then, she thanked the netizens who “used their brain and not their mouth that don’t follow a leader that misleading everyone” for the support, love and understanding. At one point, she revealed that she’s staying in a one-bedroom apartment with all the new things with her. According to her, she was shaking when filming the video because of her thyroid and not drugs.

“And the people na hindi naisip na ito ay drugs, binuhos ang hindi kayang ibigay ni Tulfo. Anyway, sa ’yo na pera mo, I don’t neet your help! I don’t need rehab,” she continued. Maegan Aguilar stressed that what she needs right now is counseling, a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. In the last part of the video, she said: “Belat, you didn’t win, you lost and I win, goodbye!”

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