John Wick Impersonator Captures Netizens’ Attention: “John Weak”

Impersonator of John Wick goes viral

JOHN WICK – A Filipino cosplayer who’s impersonating the fictional character portrayed by actor Keanu Reeves has caught the attention of netizens.

John Wick is a fictional character portrayed by actor Keanu Reeves in a series of action movies of the same name. He is a former assassin who seeks revenge after a gangster’s son kills his dog, a gift from his recently deceased wife.

Wick is highly skilled in combat and is known for his exceptional marksmanship and hand-to-hand fighting abilities. He is often referred to as the “Boogeyman” in the criminal underworld and is feared by his enemies. The John Wick movies are known for their intense action sequences, stunning visuals, and unique world-building.

The fictional character portrayed by actor Keanu Reeves is also popular in the Philippines. In fact, some people try to impersonate the fictional character played by actor Keanu Reeves. Reneir Fetalvo, a cosplayer, is among those who impersonate him.

Earlier, he went to social media wherein he posted a photo of him featuring his “John Wick” look. As expected, it generated mixed reactions from the netizens.

“Hobby ko po talaga mag cosplay, yung look ko po diyan, si Johnwick po talaga ang ginagaya ko diyan. Pero hindi ko po inakala na mag v-viral yang selfie ko na yan,” he told Pilipino Star Digital Ngayon.

His photo was also posted on various social media pages including Usapang Foodtrip. As usual, it earned comments from the social media users. Here are the comments:

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