James Reid Defends Issa Pressman: “The past rumors about Issa are just that, rumors”

After earning backlash, James Reid posts message defending Issa Pressman

JAMES REID – The actor took to social media wherein he defended actress Issa Pressman.

The two have sparked the ire of Filipino netizens due to their recent social media posts. Specifically, after sharing images of themselves that appear to depict them holding hands.

Pressman, who is under Reid’s record label Careless, uploaded a photo that seemingly shows her holding hands with the actor while taking a mirror selfie. Additionally, both Reid and Pressman shared on their respective Instagram accounts pictures of each other taken during the Harry Styles concert.

James Reid and Issa Pressman
Credit to the rightful owner of the photos

The backlash to these posts has been intense, with many people accusing Pressman of being a third party in breakup of Lustre and Reid in 2020.

The widespread outrage towards Reid and Pressman has led to significant discussion and scrutiny on social media platforms, with many netizens expressing disappointment and anger towards them. Some have even gone so far as to unfollow or boycott the two celebrities, citing their perceived insensitivity and lack of regard for the feelings of others.

Amid the criticisms they are receiving, James Reid took to social media wherein he defended Issa Pressman

“I’m only gonna say this once. The past rumors about Issa are just that, rumors.
I usually NEVER address bashers or get involved in hate culture but I feel the need to speak up now because this is the start of something beautiful,” he noted. “And I’m not gonna let anyone take that from me. All you need to know from me is that im the happiest I’ve ever been,” he added.

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