Bureau of Immigration Breaks Silence on Yearbook Photo Being Linked to Travel Requirements

Bureau of Immigration Speaks on “Yearbook Photo” Issue

BUREAU OF IMMIGRATION – BI broke its silence on the issue and rumors that a yearbook photo is now one of the travel requirements in going abroad.

A lot of people are going in and out of the country from time to time. Some go for vacations while others are either doing business abroad or working. Many Filipinos spend not just months but years in other countries.

To travel abroad, there are some documents that you need to present to the immigration officers apart from your ticket and valid ID. However, recently, a post triggered rumors that a yearbook photo may be one of the travel requirements of the Bureau of Immigration in going abroad.

Bureau of Immigration
Photo Credit: Asian Travel News

A TikTok video went viral after a Pinoy traveler, Mariel Charmaine Tanteras, was allegedly not able to catch her flight because of the many questions of the immigration officer. The Bureau of Immigration broke its silence on the issue.

Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, BI spokesperson Dana Sandoval said that the immigration officer who questioned Tanteras denied that he asked for her yearbook photo to prove her educational background.

“He denied asking for a yearbook photo but perhaps he was interested in knowing the background of the person who went viral,” Sandoval said.

The Bureau of Immigration stressed that a yearbook photo is not part of the quests of their officers. Based on the report, the immigration officer who questioned Tanteras was moved from the frontline to a backend office following the issue.

According to the BI Spokesperson, Mariel Charmaine Tanteras has a submitted a complaint regarding the issue. Sandoval stressed that only the passport, the ticket, and the supporting documents are needed for presentation to the immigration officer in traveling abroad.

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