Grilled Balut Business Tarpaulin Captures Netizens’ Attention

Creative business tarpaulin of a grilled balut

GRILLED BALUT – The business tarpaulin of a vendor has went viral, garnering the attention of netizens.

Grilled balut is a Filipino street food that is made by grilling fertilized duck eggs that contain partially developed embryos inside. The eggs are boiled first and then grilled to give them a smoky and crispy texture.

It is often served with spicy vinegar or chili garlic sauce for added flavor. Grilled balut has gained popularity in recent years and is now a popular street food in the Philippines.

Due to the sudden rise in popularity of “grilled balut,” more and more vendors have started selling it. This is why each seller has their own strategy on how to sell and attract customers. One example is the creative business tarpaulin of Lloyd Torrefiel, 43, from Cebu, where a young girl can be seen holding a balut egg. He uploaded it on Facebook and unexpectedly, it went viral.

grilled balut
Photo credit to the owner

In an exclusive interview with Balita, Torrefiel shared that the cute girl in the tarpaulin is his daughter who was only four years old at the time the picture was taken. He said that his family decided to put a picture on the tarpaulin to immediately catch people’s attention to their business. This turned out to be a good decision as it is now well-loved by netizens.

He also mentioned that they have been selling balut, penoy, siomai, and chili garlic sauce for six years now. However, because grilled balut is now a hit, they decided to try selling it too. For only ₱35, you can buy a grilled balut with their special homemade chili garlic sauce.

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