Governor Roel Degamo’s Wife Believes Not Only Arnie Teves but also Henry Teves is “Mastermind”

Wife of Governor Roel Degamo Speaks on Death of her Husband

GOVERNOR ROEL DEGAMO – The wife of the Negros Oriental Governor believes that not only Congressman Arnie Teves but as well as his brother, Pryde Henry Teves, is mastermind.

Pamplona Mayor Janice Degamo is determined in seeking justice for the death of her husband, slain Negros Oriental Gov. Roel Degamo. He was killed at their house in Pamplona on a Saturday, March 4.

Men wearing pixelated uniform stormed in the compound of the Degamos in Pamplona and shot the Governor. His ally and several civilians also fell victims to the attack.

Roel Degamo Death
Photo Credit: PeoPlaid

Three (3) suspects were arrested by the authorities on the same day that Governor Roel Degamo was killed. One of them claimed that Cong. Arnie Teves, the older brother of former Negros Oriental Gov. Pryde Henry Teves whom Degamo unseated, as the alleged “mastermind”.

Arnie Teves' Brother
Screengrabbed from ABS-CBN News

Some of the suspects in the case were arrested in a compound owned by Pryde Henry Teves. Based on a report on GMA News, the wife of Governor Roel Degamo believes that not only Cong. Arnie Teves is the alleged mastermind behind the death of her husband but also his brother, Pryde Henry Teves.

Based on the report, Pamplona Mayor Janice Degamo stressed that the weapons were found buried in the property of Pryde Henry Degamo. She stressed that there are threats on her and her sons lives. Out of the 10 suspects in the case, charges were filed against the four (4) of them while a complaint is set to be filed against the six (6) suspects by the Department of Justice.

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