Jasmine Curtis-Smith Speaks On Love and Life

Jasmine Curtis-Smith: “Kailangan talaga bukas ka sa lahat ng nararamdaman mo.”

JASMINE CURTIS-SMITH – The actress recently spoke about love and life, as well as the lessons she has learned about it.

The actress has been with her non-showbiz partner Jeff Ortega for 7 years.

Jasmine Curtis-Smith appeared on Tuesday’s episode of “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda” wherein she opened up about love and life. She also shared what she has learned about it.

Jasmine Curtis-Smith
Photo: Jasmine Curtis-Smith / Instagram

In an interview, the actress shared that what she learned about love is to be open to everything a person feels and to share that feeling with his/her partner. She also said that no relationship is perfect.

Kailangan ready ka rin maramdaman mo because no relationship is perfect,” she said. “Kailangan ready ka rin bumalik sa pagiging happy together, looking forward to spending and creating more great memories together because life is so short.

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The actress was also asked by the King of Talk if she or her partner is the jealous type. According to her, both of them but her partner is more “seloso”.

She also shared that what she learned about life is to start with helping himself/herself first. According to her, it will be easy to help other people once a person achieves things for himself/herself.

Pero if you’re the one there, who needs the help, who’s the one reaching out, don’t be afraid as well because all it takes is you speaking up,” she said. “Kailangan mo lang magsalita, magsabi, and I’m sure meron willing laging tumulong sa ‘yo.

In the “Fast Talk” portion of the interview on “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda”, the two talked about the importance of kindness and how those are difficult times in the world today.

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